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Specialist Review

Please see below an independent review from one of the Industry's most trusted reviewer Spencer Elliot. We believe the review to be honest and non-biased and we are very proud of this review.

“I was very pleased when I saw their name make the exhibitor board as a late entry this year. It’s not a secret that they provide a lower budget product but you need a trade show to have a variety and market spread. It also helps keeps other manufacturers feet on the ground when it comes to the spiralling and ever increasing prices they are asking. - You need balance.

The owner - Andy has been in the industry for 25 years. This should prove to anyone that his company has a place in the market and seeing that represented at a trade show is important.

When buying a pair of trainers with a high price tag you might ask yourself “Am I paying for the brand or are they really worth it?” you need to almost ask the opposite when paying much less: “Is what they offer cheap, or good value?”. I can’t answer that, but I can share what I observed at the show.

There was a front slide bouncy castle, a good size that compared to any other on the market. It was disco ready with light and speaker pouch. It had a fitted rain cover and the material used is better than I have ever seen them use previously. It had velcro strips on the front and came with a set of artwork, too. It had seatbelt webbing, come in either cape material or even gloss at no extra cost and was all sewn on a twin needle machine. There was no pinch points, no unnecessary stress areas, it was straight and had no twists. This was on offer for £900 - Which is quite unbelievable. No one else is offering prices quite like that.

The above example was just one of many they had on display that was almost too good to be true. Narrow castles with velcro and disco ready for £500, a white wedding castle that I almost bought myself but had to remind myself of how much I hate shoes, grottos that cost less than ball pools and genuine bargains, not just for newbies but also for established hirers.

The cream of the crop was the pastel deal. It looked well made and I wasn’t sure if it was an import or not. It included ball pool, soft play and castle all in very nice pastel colours and a great celebration print that went genuinely well with the theme. This was all in for £1000 and I can see the strong appeal for people who don’t want heavy equipment but want to offer something lush and special looking (an instagram package), but in reality they’re sticking in the back of their Ford Fiesta. For someone new to the industry, using bouncy castle sales you can get your foot in the door and offer the types of equipment that usually only more established companies can provide.

What Andy seems to be doing is putting the hours in on the product to offer more. I’m not sure how he is doing it with UK staff, but he’s putting in the extras. The anchor points are no-longer just webbing and a d-ring but they’re reinforced. The webbing is on the bed and all round the steps. It looks like he is adding more hours into each unit and trying to give more value.

Everyone should be bringing their best to the shows - What you see at the show you have to understand as being the most polished version, so whether or not this level is maintained on the orders is an unknown, but based on what was shown - This was a very strong exhibit and this opinion was shared amongst several other attendees that I spoke to.”

Spencer Elliot