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Pineapple Leisure Soft Play

Pineapple Leisure are manufacturers of softplay and ball ponds. Worldwide delivery. Colours can vary - images for illustration only.

Set of 12 Shapes & Mat. Colours as shown in pictures.
J Orange 5 cm x 120 cm x 180 cm
K Yellow, Dark blue, Green 15cm x 15 cm x 15 cm
M Dark blue 15 cm x 15 cm x 60 cm
L Green 30cm x 15 cm x 60 cm
Weight: 5.6 kg


NEWSP39 1x ride on tractor 1m long x 40cm high £79.00

NEWSP40 1x ride on train 1m long x 40cm high £79.00

NEWSP43 1x ride on motorbike £79.00

NEWSP36 20 Piece Princess Themed Soft Play Set £429.00

NEWSP37 20 Piece Superhero kids Themed Soft Play Set £429.00

NEWSP38 15 Piece Circus Themed Soft Play Set only £395.00

NEWSP34 15 piece jungle set only £395

NEWSP35 20 piece racing car themed softplay set only £499

BP14 Deluxe softplay surround and ball pond from £599

BC292 Pressure Game only £399 Watch video

NEWSP01 1.2m square deluxe commercial Ballpool 30cm high holds 300 balls only £229

NEWSP02 Commercial deluxe ball pond with slide 1.2m square, 30 cm high holds 300 balls only £279

NEWSP03 Circular commercial deluxe ball pond 1.2m diameter 30 cm high only £229

NEWSP07 20 Piece Soft Play shapes Set. Available in Princess, Farm life, Sea life & Pirates. Comes in 2 bags 1mx60cmx50cm each. only £599

NEWSP08 Complete 20 piece soft play set mats, ball pond Available in Princess, Farm life, Sea life & Pirates. 9x12 space neded Themed.only £1649

NEWSP09 5 x Animal theme soft play set. Animals Big ones = 10 thick x 19 high approx. Small ones = 7 thick x 8-10 high approx. only £349

NEWSP10 Soft play puzzle block. only £279

NEWSP11 12 Mats Set. Soft Play Multi-Activity set. 12x12 space needed. Themed.only £1449

NEWSP12 6 x Set of Small Soft Play animals. only £249

NEWSP13 Pink & Purple set of 20 piece soft play pieces in 2 bags. only £599

NEWSP14 10 Piece Set of Pink & Purple soft play shapes in carry bag. only £375

NEWSP15 46 x 46 x 18 H. 6 Quality foam. only £385

NEWSP16 5 x 5 x 18 H. Soft Play ball pond with 6 quality foam. Velcro on sheet for base. only £415

NEWSP17 Soft Play ball pond. 46 x 6 x 18 with a 6 wide quality foam. Steps included only £495

NEWSP18 46 x 46 x 18 H Ball pond with bag. Farm animals theme with 6 quality foam and easy fastener on base. Easy set up and dismantle for transporting only £415

NEWSP19 46 x 46 x 18H Blue with white top ball pond, with bag only £385

NEWSP20 46 x 46 x 18 H Under the Sea theme ball pond with bag. 6 wide quality foam and a velcro on base. Easy set up and dismantle for transportation. only £415

NEWSP21 Soft Play Step & Slide. Any 2 colours available. 120cm x 50cm x 50cm.. only £165

NEWSP22 Soft Play Step & Slide. 195.00

NEWSP23 Soft Play Slide 150cm x 50cm x 50cm approx. Any 2 colours available. only £245

NEWSP24 Soft Play Step & Slide 120cm x 50cm x 50cm. Available in any 2 colours. only £165

NEWSP25 Soft Play set with surround. Slide and Step available as an optional extra. Includes surround, ball pond, 500 balls, 12 mats and a 20 piece soft play set. Size is 14x14 with the ball pond 45 x 45 approx. only £1645

NEWSP26 Inflatable Soft Play surround with corner ball pond with base sheet in the ball pond. You can add mats, soft play pieces and balls. A 1.5 fan is needed, check current price at time of ordering. Ball pond takes around 800-1000 balls. Colours may vary. only £715

NEWSP27 Inflatable soft play surround with ball pond/jugglers 12x mats with sheet stitched in inside the ball pond area. 3ft each. 20 piece soft play set in a bag. 500 commercial balls and 2xbanners of your choice. This product needs a 1.5 fan. Call for price at time of purchase for the fan. Colours may vary. only £1645

NEWSP29 Soft Play with corner ball pond with sheet sewn in. Personalised banner space, Includes 2 x Banners with name/logo. Fan extra. Available size 14x14. Ball pond size 45 x 45 needs around 800-1000 balls. only £835

NEWSP30 Soft play pit 12 x 12 with ball pond/slide, (46x46) mats and balls. (Animals and soft play pieces can be added as an extra). The surround has sheet under mats. Any artwork ordered is extra, please call. only £1739

NEWSP31 Soft Play set with ball pond. 10x10 with mats. Surround walls are 10 thick. Base sheet inside ball pond. Balls and soft play can be added at extra cost, please see our other items. only £1340

NEWSP32 Soft Play set with mats. 9 mats 3ft x 4ft approx. each. Tunnels, steps, logs, balance. Velcro together mats. Various colours only £845

NEWSP04 6.5ftx6.5ft deluxe commercial ball pond with game on sides for only £449

NEWSP05 12ftx12ft commercial deluxe softplay surround with built in ball pond only £449

NEWSP06 Commercial deluxe softplay surround with built in ball pond any size available

NEWSP33 Commercial deluxe Animal Rocker only £149

SP01 Softplay Pieces - 6 colourful animal shapes. You will recieve a selection of 6 shapes subject to availability. only £329

SP01B Corporate Soft Play pieces from £69 each. only £69

SP07 7 Piece Pyramid. only £599

BC215 Deluxe Commercial 12'x12' Soft Play/Ball Pond with safety certificate, business starter pack, operating manual and customer hire templates. Any theme and size available.

NEWSP28 Soft play inflatable boundary 14x14 with corner ball pool. Includes sewn in base sheet and 2 x banners. Other themes available. See our soft play animals and pieces to add it you wish. this needs a 1.5 fan which is extra, check price at time of purchase. Ball pond is 45x45 and needs 800 1000 balls which are extra. only £839

BC375 15ftx12ft V front Low Height Jungle Bouncy Castle. Great for indoors and outdoors. only £599

BC385 7ftx7ft Deluxe Commercial Ball Pond. only £129

BC395 8ftx11ft x 7ft H Deluxe Commercial Tots Castle. only £399

BC403 7Lx7Wx5.5H Disco Dome Ball Pond. only £399

NEWSP44 Commercial jungle toddler play park 18ftwx18ftl, free fan/blower, pegs and ground sheet only £1895

BC416 18Lx18W Deluxe Commercial Toddler Park with free fan and pegs