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Pineapple Leisure Mascot Shop

Picachu £209

Bart Simpson £199

Olaf £199

Pooh Bear £189

Sponge Bob £199

Peppa and George £399 the pair

Mickey £129

Night garden £199

1x Micky 1x Minnie £199 the pair

1x Buzz £199

1x Dora £199

1x Peppa £199

1x George £199

1x Donald, Daisy £279

1x Snow White £199

1x Easter Bunny £199

1x Pluto £199

1x Donkey £199

1x Iggle £199

1x Handy Man £199

1x Goofy and Pluto £199 the pair

1x Jake £199

1 x Bart £199

1x Potato Head only £289

Ben 10 £199

Images can very slightly as made by hand by different staff.

Following up on requests we now SELL MASCOTS! These MASCOTS are a simple way to offer your customers a new service, which is in high demand. Children love getting a visit from a cute and fun CHARACTER MASCOT! Prices start from £199 per mascot, and the mascots hire out from a minimum of £49. Hiring is easy and you can select from various ways of adding this service to your current hire fleet. We offer many cuddly, cute POPULAR characters from teddy bears, rabbits and even pigs!!

Here are some ideas of how you can add a CHARACTER MASCOT to your business;

You can opt to simply deliver the chosen MASCOT then collect after the party has finished. This works really well if you are also delivering a bouncy castle. You can charge a minimum of £49 for this service, which shows the great potential for making extra money that the MASCOTS give.

Should you get a request from outside of your usual hire area you can opt to deliver the mascot by post, sending the customer return details and a return date. (Ensure you take a refundable deposit as security when you aren't actually visiting the address yourself). You will need to look at shipping costs for the actual costume you buy, and you will need to add this to your regular hire cost, plus at least an additional 25% as the costume will not be available for extra time.

You can really offer a super treat for your customers with the MEET AND GREET CHARACTER MASCOT HIRE. This service involves a member of your company being the mascot for the party so whoever fulfills this role will need to be CRB checked. This option is the most profitable with hires generally being in the region of £100 per hire, depending on time.